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Your telephon receptionist
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Create your personalized virtual receptionist using digits choice and/or voice recognition and speech-to-text

Auto-response software

Implement a solution for the 1st level help desk support

Call Queue Feature

Manage expertly the incoming calls on your busy services


Inform your customers 24/7 on regular informations (address, order status, …)


Offer new services to your customers (place orders, check delivery date, …)


Turn your texts in vocal messages and mixed them with music

Who we are

Born in 2006, Conviviance is headquarted in Neuilly-Plaisance, close to Paris. Our core business is publishing, developing and selling software solutions, using speech recognition to increase the efficiency of customer relationship management.
We use the latest technologies in speech recognition and vocal synthesis and are able to create solutions, simple to complex, dealing with several flows: databases, calls, knowledge bases, …
We’re experts in vocal synthesis and speech recognition, and build customized software and applications for any sector, to enforce and increase the efficiency of customer relationships. Our solutions plug any technology on IT and telco fields, and offer you applications that are easy to set up, upgrade and use.

We increase the usability of speech recognition in several domains, to improve the perception of any brand.

Commitment, passion and customer sense are the values that inspire us every day. We place innovation at the heart of our solutions by relying on technology players market leading systems integrators partners and leading distributors.

Our activities

  • Research and Development 90% 90%
  • Engineering and Support 75% 75%
  • Audit and Consulting 60% 60%

Our popular solutions


StandTouch welcomes your consumers with our powerful IVR solution using touch tones.


FirstVoice is the ideal solution to not lose calls and offer your customers a great welcome that reflects your professionalism.


StandVoice is aimed at both SMEs and large companies with consistent call flow.

Choose speech recognition!

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Innovative features

Native or optional, take a look at some of the latest features of our software solutions.

Call Queue Feature

To manage incoming call volume, Call Queue feature is the appropriate solution for a better customer relationship.

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Live Mail 

Listen live to the message that your correspondent is leaving on your voicemail and pick up the call at any moment!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Speech recognition and text-to-speech are now regularly present in our daily lives (Smartphones, TV, Cars, Internet, …), so the question is no longer on the reliability of these new technologies but on deployment and value-added services they offer to customers.

Is my telephone system compatible with?
We are mainly connecting our solutions in SIP mode but we also have analog interface compatible with all PBX market.
Is the solution virtualizable?
Yes. With SIP connections to the PBX.
How many calls can be answered?
The answer depends on the number of concurrent access on the system and average processing time for a call. For example, with a call duration of 30 seconds on the server, a solution equipped with 2 access can handle more than 1,800 calls per day.
Les technologies de reconnaissance de la parole et de synthèse vocale sont elles fiables ?
Ces technologies sont aujourd’hui rencontrées très régulièrement dans notre quotidien (smartphones, télévision, voitures, internet … et de plus en plus d’administrations et sociétés qui adoptent un serveur vocal intéractif). La population s’est déjà adaptée à cette évolution technologique et les résultats sont donc plus que satisfaisants. Nous déployons toujours des SVI à reconnaissance par touches mais il est indéniable que la reconnaissance vocale enrichit davantage la valeur ajoutée que vous y trouverez, ainsi que vos clients. Retrouvez notre étude de cas ici.
Do you have a cloud solution?
Yes, we do. Check it on our CloudVoice website.

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Our Testimonial’s customer

We wanted to renew our actual solution for the latest innovations in speech recognition and automatic processing of calls because the installed competing one did not offer them. It was important for the UDAF to own a solution which can evolve with our infrastructure. Through the « StandVoice » solution, some of our employees have a virtual secretary who presented with their corresponding and allows easier management priorities.

Frédéric Raynal

IT Manager - Project Leader, UDAF de Rodez (12)

We chose a Conviviance solution for its ease of installation, compatibility and flexibility. It manages 80% of incoming communications support hostesses, allows 24/7 availability and is now used for all services. We have a good feedback from the majority of our citizens who always get a message or a suitable contact.

Christophe Da Apresentacao

IT Director, Mairie de Courbevoie (92)

The features provided by the speech recognition was an asset. We wanted to free up the standard and reducing the burden of Switchboard. The  Conviviance solution allowed that while providing statistics that measure its effectiveness. We were particularly attentive to the security and continuity of service. The teams were able to show Conviviance reactive to put us up a stable solution quickly.
Christian Joannic

Chief Engineer - IT Department, CH Bretagne Sud (29)